our story

Casa da Árvore was founded in 1993 by Isabel Poppe, an educational psychology graduate, and by Teresa Vieira de Almeida, an ex-student of Torre and Social Service graduate, with a vision of creating a multidisciplinary space dedicated to children and where, through various fields - music, piano, dance, English, amongst others-, many activities of cultural nature were promoted in an innovative way.


Since it was founded, a room was inaugurated dedicated to the youngest ones (from 12 to 36 months). It was called playgroup and intended to represent a first opportunity to socialize before beginning school.


The playgroup's success can be attributed, overall to the way in which it accompanies little ones and liaising with Torre´s educational project, led at a certain point to Casa da Árvore becoming a nursery located at Rua Duarte Pacheco, in Restelo.

Casa da Árvore was increasingly sought after by parents who liked our approach, our understanding of children being an engine of their own learning, the closeness and communication between families and the school and, also our flexible hours. In 1997 Tree House extended its facilities, going on to be based at semi-twinned locations, at this point having rooms akin to a nursery and rooms similar to Playgroup. At this point activities that were given by teachers specialized in music, theatre and psychomotricity were also introduced

In 2009 Casa da Árvore went through a new extension and moved to a new address, shared with A Torre school, at Praca da Malaca, also in Restelo, where it currently operates.